Our Team

Merlin Chouinard
Merlin is the President. He is responsible for overseeing all day to day operations of all three Sentinel Corporations.
Shirley McIntosh
Vice President, Operations
Shirley has been with Sentinel from its inception. As Vice President of Administration, she looks after all corporate administration.
Som Houmphanh
Chief Compliance Officer
Som is Sentinel's Chief Compliance Officer. He deals with ensuring that everything at Sentinel falls within MFDA and Securities Commission regulation.
Fred Wing
Chief Executive Officer / UDP
Fred Wing oversees all things Sentinel, focusing on growing the company and managing it's operations, Fred handles any issues that may arise with our network of advisors, sub-branches, and distributors in the industry.
Tania Lalonde
Executive Admin
Tania is the Executive Administration Manager for Sentinel. She also oversees the areas of contracting, licensing and commissions. Tania has been with Sentinel since July, 1992 and has a Business Diploma from the Saskatoon Business College.
Tanis Nochowny
Manager, Life Admin.
Tanis received a Administrative Assistant diploma from the Saskatoon Business College. She has been with Sentinel since June 1999. Her duties include processing business transactions for a number of agents; she also assists in preparing contracting, licensing and commission statements.
Rick Armstrong
IT System Specialist
Rick has been with Sentinel since 1996 after graduating from the two-year Computer Systems Technology course at Kelsey Institute. Rick's duties include database and back office administration, commissions processing, application development, web site design as well as computer support for all the agents and staff.
Rebecca Curts
Administrative Assistant
Bio Coming Soon.
Kirsten Jacobs
Administrative Assistant
Bio Coming Soon.
Allison Jalbert
Administration, New Business & Inforce Service
December 11, 2017