Retirement Planning

Make your retirement dreams come true.

Dreams remain only dreams without a solid plan for retirement income. If you're in the early stages of retirement planing, there are some important questions and options you should consider. If you're nearing retirement or are already retired and embarking on a new career or new experiences, you want to make sure your investment plan can be sustained throughout your retirement years.

Sentinel Financial can help you achieve many of your retirement goals. Here are some tips and links to help you better plan for your retirement needs.

Can You Afford to Retire?

A comfortable retirement is a major goal shared by most Canadians, but the reality is that few of us are adequately prepared.


  • Less than 30% of Canadians belong to a company sponsored pension plan.
  • Less than 60% of Canadians have a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP).
  • With life expectancy on the rise, many Canadians will live well into their 80s. That means your retirement savings may need to last 20 years or more.
What Do You Want To Accomplish?

While you’re living...Tax-advantaged growth. Liquidity for emergencies and
opportunities. Financially independent retirement.
Upon your death...Minimal death taxes and final expenses. Maximum estate passed to heirs. Financially sound family and business.

Retirement Planning

To achieve a financially comfortable retirement:

  • You need your assets to grow.
  • You need to build a financial nest egg.
  • You need to pay yourself first by diverting a regular percentage of earnings to your retirement fund.

If you have an idea what age you would like to retire and the amount of money you would need a month when retired this calculator can tell you how much you would need saved. It can also tell you how long you have until your savings would run out!

November 15, 2018