Financial Planning

Financial planning is doing what's necessary to preserve and protect your present lifestyle, while preparing for your future income needs. It's a continuous process that should adapt to your changing financial objectives. When you're younger, you want to provide security for your family and establish a sound financial base. As you get older, you look toward wealth creation and retirement. In later years, your objectives may include estate enhancement, preservation and transfer. But you don't have to be a rocket scientist to be a successful financial planner.

There are several key areas of financial planning you'll want to consider over your lifetime:

Life Insurance Protection

Life insurance can help protect your family's current lifestyle or ensure your family's or business' financial future. Sentinel Life Management offers a full range of life insurance products to meet your needs.

A Retirement Plan

A sound retirement plan can help you accomplish two important goals: building wealth and saving money for your retirement. Sentinel Financial offers a number of ways to help you build wealth while planning for retirement, including ways to minimize your taxes and maximize your hard-earned money.

An Estate Plan

The final step in developing your financial plan is estate planning: determining how to give what you have to whom you want, when you want and how you want – at the smallest possible financial and emotional cost. Without estate planning, up to 60 percent of your estate could be lost at your death to administrative costs, fees, taxes and probate. Through sound estate planning, you can minimize questions and challenges during the probate process, reduce certain estate taxes, or use charitable giving to enhance your estate tax savings. Liquidity is also very important and should be built into your estate plan so your heirs aren't forced to sell assets, borrow money or withdraw cash to pay remaining taxes. Sentinel Life Management has a life insurance solution that can optimize your estate planning strategies, maximize the value of your estate, and provide liquidity to pay taxes and other costs at your death.

November 15, 2018