About Us

Sentinel Life Management Corporation was incorporated in 1981. Its founders established the company to be one of reputed quality in terms of its products and licensed representatives. Building on this foundation, Sentinel Financial Management Corp. was established in 1994 to bring clients a broader choice of investment options. In 2016 a partnership was signed with Regency Advisory Group to form Sentinel Regency Group Benefits, a new company focusing on Group Benefit services such as Health and Dental.

Whether you are exploring opportunities for yourself, your family, a small business, or large corporation, through insurance, investments or building equity in personal property - Sentinel can lead the way.

Sentinel is licensed throughout Western Canada. Our up-to-date communications and electronic systems access information instantly so our professionals can 'shop the world' for you. We represent only the best of financial products, carefully selected from a wide range of financial institutions.

Financial security and independence comes only with a sound plan. A Sentinel representative will help you create that plan by listening to you. He or she will determine where you are now, where you want to be, and will then help you choose products and companies to put your plan in motion; and by charting your progress, we help you stay the course.

Personalized services were a core value of the company when it started in 1981 and it continues to be the most valuable service we offer all of our clients today. Sentinel stands apart in its professionalism and flexibility.

  • We are accountable to you.
  • We are independent from our suppliers, and can choose the best-suited products.
  • We are knowledgeable and stay well informed of developments and trends.
  • We are explorers - of new products, new services and new technology.
  • We are progressive, responsive, and flexible so we may address your needs.
  • We are driven by our high standards, and anchored by our values. And,
  • We are successful only when you are successful.

Sentinel representatives will provide you with the information you need so that you are able to make sound decisions. We support your retirement planning, tax planning and wealth accumulation goals with solid financial planning strategies.

True to Sentinel’s traditions, our products are well researched and hand-picked. Your financial planning tools may include mutual funds, RRSPs, RRIFs, LIFs, annuities, segregated funds, life and disability insurance, group life and health plans, group pension plans or group RRSPs. Sentinel recommends only those companies showing outstanding financial leadership and proven administrative management. Our team of licensed professionals is proud to offer their services in the following areas:

  • personal financial review and analysis
  • personal tax planning
  • estate conservation and planning
  • retirement and investment consulting
  • educational trust fund planning
  • insurance and disability analysis
  • corporate and executive consulting, and
  • instructional seminars

Achieving your short or long-term goals and financial independence is what financial planning is all about. Designing your plan, setting it in motion and monitoring its progress are the most important steps in your journey toward financial security. You deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing your years of hard work will, in turn, work hard for you in retirement.

December 11, 2017