Life Management

Sentinel Life Management Corporation was incorporated in 1981 as a life insurance brokerage house.  Its founders established the company as one of reputed quality in terms of its products and representatives.   Building in 1994, Sentinel Financial Management was established to bring clients more investment options.  And by 1996, Sentinel Mortgage was created to round out the fleet of integrated financial service companies.

Sentinel delivers the finest services from our office in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  Our up-to-date communications and electronic systems access instant information so our professionals can 'shop the world' for you.  We represent only the finest of financial products, carefully selected from a wide number of financial institutions to ensure an environment of accountability.

Finding a Course

"Our banker, our accountant, our lawyer, our life insurance agent, our parent! - all these people had a different perspective on our financial picture.  It was frustrating, confusing and time-consuming gathering information ourselves to make the right decision."
Financial security and independence comes only with a sound plan.  A Sentinel associate can help you create that plan by listening to your goals, determining where you are now, and then choosing products and companies to put your plan in motion.  And by charting your progress, we help you stay the course.
Personalized services was a core value of the company when it started in 1981.  It continues to be the most valuable service we offer all of our clients today.

The Cutting Edge

Sentinel stands apart in its professionalism and flexibility.

• We are accountable to you.
• We are independent from our suppliers, and can choose the best-suited products.
• We are knowledgeable and stay well informed of developments and trends.
• We are explorers - of new products, new services, new technology.
• We are progressive, responsive, and flexible to your needs.
• We are driven by our high standards, and anchored by our values.
• We are successful only when you are successful.

Heading in the Same Direction

If you're exploring opportunities for yourself, your family, a small business, or large corporation - through insurance, investments or building equity in personal property - Sentinel can lead the way.

December 13, 2018